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Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2012 Review

There many different accounting software packages available, and one of them that is gradually getting more recognition and popularity is Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2012.

What is unique about Sage Peachtree?

Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2012Sage Peachtree is a complete business accounting program, designed to take care of all small and expanding business needs. The Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2012 package is intended for a single user only, and can be used on a network; however, if you want to allow multiple users to the program then you need to purchase the multi-user version that allows up to five different users to access the program. The payroll tax service annual fee only needs to be paid once though, even for multiple users.

New Features for Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2012:

This version has automated many tasks that before had to be done manually, so that your workflow can become more streamlined. There are many new upgrades, including the ability to copy old transactions in order to create an invoice for a regular customer more quickly. With this feature, you don’t need to create a new invoice from scratch every time, and your frequent buyers will get their invoices faster.

The Sage advisor function provides on-screen help and “how to” videos to help you troubleshoot any problems you may encounter. The additional “Business Intelligence” screen creates Xcel formatted reports using the data that you have already loaded into the system. In this one screen you can customize and view all of your sales reports and statistics effectively.

Sage Peachtree Payroll Software:

Peachtree has a payroll feature just like Quickbooks, and similarly you have to pay additionally for payroll tax services in order to complete the payroll functions. All of the same payroll management features from earlier Peachtree versions have been included, with the additional benefit of now expanding the payroll fields within an employee’s records. There is enough space in the Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2012 program for up to 40 different data fields per employee, including: paycheck deductions, benefits, and liabilities. This new software is also fully compliant with the most recent changes in US legislation, so your tax rates and information are guaranteed to be current.
If you would like additional customer service support, there is an annual subscription fee.

Sage Peachtree vs Quickbooks

Peachtree does not require annual upgrades like Quickbooks, but customers are recommended to upgrade every three years. Accountants consider Peachtree easier to setup and customize than Quickbooks.

– Many people have found using Peachtree to complete tax forms a convenience, but new users may have trouble understanding the system. There are many Sage tutorials available online, and users need to invest some more time in learning Peachtree. Quickbooks is easier for those who are brand new to accounting.
The 2012 version of Peachtree does indeed convert old business files from its previous software versions for you if you manually copy them into the new Peachtree.

Quickbooks understands that customers ususally need the most assistance during their initial installation and setup of an accounting program. They offer a live 60 minute initial phone setup consultation, within the first 30 days of new registration, to guide you through the steps. Peachtree does not; they do have built-in tutorials and a customer support phone line though.

Both Peachtree and Quickbooks can encounter compatibility issues with a Windows 7.0 operating system. Some advise that net.framework versions 2-4 must be installed onto your computer beforehand to fix such issues. Some firewall and antivrus settings on a Windows 7 system can also cause setup failures.

Quickbooks automatically offers your customers to pay off your invoice bills through their Intuit Payment Network online. Whenever you print an invoice for a customer, this link will be printed at the bottom of the page. What many people don’t discover until later is that if a customer does pay you through this network, you must subscribe to this service to collect the payment; Intuit collects an additional fee from you for each invoice charge to your client.
You can disable this link from being printed on invoices so that customers aren’t encouraged to pay you this way. Go to the “Edit” menu, select “Preferences,” and then “Payments.” Select the “Company Preferences” option, and then you can click the “Turn off online payments” button to disable it.

Overall, Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2012 is the optimal choice if your business is expanding and you are already familiar with basic accounting procedures. It offers advanced features not available in Quickbooks, such as business analytics for multiple accounts. If you prefer software that requires no accounting experience to use, and your business is very small, then Quickbooks may be more suited to your taste.

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